Walt Amerika (1958) is a Dutch artist. His professional background is twofold. Walt’s first steps in a long creative path were in advertising. He worked as copywriter, art director and creative director for numerous national and international clients.

For the second part of his career he was a design thinker and concept maker, connected to innovation centers and design schools like the renowned Design Academy Eindhoven.

About ten years ago Walt also started building up an autonomous art portfolio, which he is now ready and happy to unveil parts of.


Walt has been living for the greater part of his life close to the seaside of the Netherlands, for the last 35 years in the municipality of Bergen, famous for its artists residencies over the years.

Shaped by beautiful dunes, numerous pines and fields of heather, it’s an area one could describe as the Dutch Hamptons, as it is only a 45 minute drive from the city of Amsterdam and Schiphol airport.

Walt’s studio is located near the old farmhouse where he lives, enjoying all seasons with family and friends.